SSL Pinning in Android

  1. ) I think , it is not required if attacker is making any such modification on his/her device, then it will not effect other users, So why backend will care for it.
  2. ) If that communication is related to payment then at server we can make Server to Server calls to validate the amount and can also generate different token with OTP mechanism to secure that transaction.
  1. ) SSL Certificate Pinning: A Man-in-the-Middle attack occurs when an attacker places himself between the server/host and the client, impersonating one of them. In other words, when the client is connecting to the server, it is actually dealing with the hacker and vice versa. Thus, although the client “thinks” that it has established an encrypted connection with the server, but in reality both of them are actually “talking” to the attacker who can view and modify the data. For this reason, everyone calls it a “Man-in-the-Middle” attack.
  2. HTTPS: SSL encrypts the data being transmitted so that a third party or any “Man-in-the-Middle” cannot “eavesdrop” on the transmission and view the data being transmitted. Only the client and the secure server are able to recognise and understand the data. This means that anyone who tries to intercept this data will only see a garbled mix of characters that’s nearly impossible to decrypt.
  1. ) If the Certificates gets expired then we have to rotate these certificates proactively in android code so that it can be reached to all users even for the previous market builds.
  2. ) To solve the problem in Step1, We can fetch the certificate from the server config Apis during App launch or may use Firebase Config to update the certificates proactively and it will be updated into the app for previous market version.




Principal Software Engineer , Mobile Engineering

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Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta

Principal Software Engineer , Mobile Engineering

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